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Bioapplications Ltd has successfully executed projects in the field of comprehensive management and control of mosquito and olive oil fly populations. Examples of these projects are:

Mosquito population study: Bioapplications Ltd is an active player in mosquito control applications for over ten years. In 2006, our company introduced a large network of certified, carbon dioxide mosquito traps across mainland Greece spanning the entire region from North (Evros) to South (Kalamata). This is the largest population study ever recorded in Greece and included over 100 sampling stations with carbon dioxide and specialized BG Sentinel traps for Aedes albopictus (tiger mosquito) in 14 prefectures in Greece. Results from the trap network possibly constitute the largest simultaneous cataloguing of adult mosquito populations in Greece and their association with meteorological data, to date. This study proved of great value for future mosquito control actions since it improved our understanding on the levels of mosquito nuisance in the majority of mosquito breeding sites around the country. Results were presented at the 5th European Mosquito Control Association conference in Torino, Italy, on March 2009 (Pergantas, P., Moraitis, J. and Botzaki, M. Mosquitoes surveillance in Rice fields and Wetlands of Greece - Focus on Evros River in Greek-Turkish Boarders).

Mosquito sampling - ecology mapping: We have integrated data from adult mosquito sampling, questionnaires provided from certified authorities to assess levels of nuisance and field applications. In this way, we have a clear view of the problem of mosquitoes and the history of their control at national level. Bioapplications Ltd has records of field data from the majority of wetland systems in all regions of mainland Greece. By combining field data with ecosystem mapping we can draw correlations between plant life and periodical water levels in ecologically sensitive areas (Natura protected sites, wetland habitats etc). Following this methodology we have identified regions where additional information (satellite data, meteorological readings etc) are needed to improve spraying actions during control programs.

Integration of new technologies for improved large-scale mosquito and olive oil fly control applications: We used modified Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for real-time assessment and recording of field applications and simultaneous intervention when needed. Through integration of these technologies we obtained data on the exact location of spraying vehicles and application of insecticides. Processing and analysis of these data allows us to control, validate and greatly improve our applications. An example of application of this methodology was presented at the ArcGIS seminar in Athens, Greece (Pergantas, P., Moraitis, I. and Tsifis, K. 2011. Improved large-scale mosquito and olive fly applications through integration of new technologies in GIS systems).

Reference actions Bioapplications Ltd. Reference actions Bioapplications Ltd. Reference actions Bioapplications Ltd.
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