Area of interest

The interest of Bioapplications Ltd lies within the field of comprehensive actions for environmental management. Over the years our company has been involved in large-scale control projects for mosquitoes and olive oil flies, mapping of urban, suburban and natural habitats and studies of scientific value on mosquito population and pesticide resistance. As part of these actions Bioapplications Ltd has also introduced molecular diagnostic tests, protocols for data analysis of water quality, map digitization, database building etc.

Bioapplications Ltd is constantly trying to develop expertise in the areas of biology, ecology and integrated applications for environmental management. Towards this task, we aim to apply modern technologies and scientific methodology directly to the field.

The experience gained over years of involvement in programs for mosquito control in Greece in conjunction with our team of professionals provides strong proof for Bioapplications Ltd ability to successfully execute projects of large-scale environmental management. Bioapplications Ltd continuous efforts for science and innovation provides additional tools to achieve this task.

Area of interest Bioapplications Ltd. Area of interest Bioapplications Ltd. Area of interest Bioapplications Ltd.
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