Spraying applications monitoring

19 Μάι 2011 • GIS-Telematics

During the past century, industrial revolution introduced chemistry to agricultural practices. Chemicals were fast developed, distributed and applied aiming to boost production and lower its cost. The use of chemicals was also extended to cover areas of public health importance to improve human life standards, such as the control of pests in urban and suburban areas. Over the years, these applications have involved both the public and private sector though their control has always lived with the individual responsible for each action taken. However, in this way, no independent monitoring and recording of field applications is possible resulting in variable and subjective results. In recent years, a change in these practices is attempted. Within the context of environmental awareness and consumers’ protection, the need for certified food products, analysis of chemical persistence, legal cover of personnel etc. have triggered companies and authorities to develop methods for monitoring and recording of chemical spraying applications executed from air or land. Bioapplications Ltd. has pioneered by introducing approaches for real-time field data recording and storage during large-scale spraying for pest control. This technology was used two years ago by Bioapplications Ltd to execute the first ever fully monitored mosquito abatement programs in Greece. The technology used incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) to provide information on the exact location and range of applications and amount of chemical used in a real-time manner. Recording of all field data also allows for post acquisition analysis to occur in order to draw conclusions on the success and potential future improvement of applications. Field actions filtered through the above mentioned technologies can be considered valid and certified. Adoption of similar monitoring tools should be the aim of all organizations involved in large-scale programs of environmental management as well as identification of ways for their cost effective implementation.

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